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We're not here to make you feel fabulous. We're here to be your friend.

10 uncomfortable truths about being gay in NYC

Sometimes, we want to stay in wearing our pajamas and watch terrible, horror movies. Sometimes, we want to have a heart-to-heart and let out some emotions. And sometimes, here's a thought, we want to be regular, imperfect humans. So if you can't take us at our worst, you're not getting us at our best. We may complain about them ourselves, but we will always support them because we know where they come from. It is not our job to avoid being stereotypes. However, it is straight people's job to not stereotype.

We can be who we want to be; we're not hurting you. Be gone. You just told us about your sexual endeavors and personal hygiene issues sometimes even your menstrual situations, if you're a straight girl , but it's going way too far if we bring up our own private issues? This logic is completely lost on us. So, please, fill us in.

Because as much as you want to support us and make us feel normal, you're still going to make us feel gross. No no.

No way. Stop right there. Not going to happen. Being gay, we do some things different than straight people. We get to define our lives differently than you. There's absolutely no definite rule that says going out and hooking up directly leads to failed relationships. If anything, straight people came up with that one.

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